The Big Business of Sports

    The Big Business of Sports

    American sports is a robust business that shows no signs of slowing down. The value of all American sports combined is estimated at $422 billion. As far as revenue, the four major sports generate a yearly total of $23 billion. Leading the way is the National Football league, which generates a yearly revenue of $9 billion. America’s national past-time, baseball, comes in at second on the list with $7.2 billion generated by Major League Baseball annually.

    The revenue generated by the major sports is only part of the story, since all other sports besides the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL contribute a healthy $32.8 billion to the economy. When you take into account sporting goods stores, ski resorts, golf courses, and fitness centers in addition to professional athletes, coaches, and referees; the sports industry provides over 3 million jobs for American workers. Because of the income that sports generates, business professionals in the sporting industry are also in high demand.

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