4 Things to Consider When Buying a New Vehicle

    Buying a New Vehicle

    Buying a new car is an extremely important decision. Next to buying a house, cars are some of the largest commonly  purchased investments. There are a series of things you should consider when purchasing a new vehicle. These tips are to help you evaluate different aspects of the vehicle and how they will affect the upkeep and longevity of your new investment.

    1)      Paint Color

    When considering your new car, you should take some time and consider the different maintenance needed for each paint color. For instance, white and lighter colors will require much more attention to cleaning and waxing than other colors because of its light color. Black and darker colors will need extra protection, wax, and sealants applied to it because of its tendency to fade easier and faster than other colors. Red colors will require attention to waxing and protection to keep them deep red and in the condition that keeps them wet looking. Gold, brown, and more neutral colors will require the least of attention. Although more neutral colors will require less attention than other colors, they should still receive great amounts of attention and care as well.

    2)      Seat Material

    The material used on the seats are also important when choosing a new car. You have the primary two choices of leathers and cloth seats, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Cloth seats will keep you cooler in summer months and warmer in winter months. Cloth seats will also require more work to remove stains when they do occur, especially with light colored cloth seats. Leather does tend to be hotter in the summer and also absorbs the oils from your skin, so it can discolor over time if not routinely cleaned. Cleaning stains from leather is easier than cloth and can be very rewarding. When choosing, leather can be a great choice when cleaned and conditioned twice a year or more.

    3)      Carpet Color

    The color of your carpet is important when deciding the right interior color. Lighter color carpet will require more maintenance and attention to keep  the carpet in like new condition for a long period of time. With loghter color carpet, you may want to consider buying an extra set of mats and having your carpet shampooed twice a year to prevent stains from setting in for long periods of time. Also, when thenare spills on lighter color carpet, they must be taken care of immediately to ensure that most of the stain will be removed and the carpet fibers will not be permanently stained. Black carpet would be ideal for an auto purchase. By the carpet being black stains will not show as vividly as light colored carpet and it will require less maintenance than light color carpets.

    4)      Wheels

    When choosing your wheels, you should look at a few different things. The two primary differences in wheels are whether they are three-piece wheels or hubcaps. Hub caps are made of plastic, so they absorb brake dust easily and will stain and discolor over time. Wheels will last longer and can be easier to clean if done routinely. When maintaining wheels, it is important to clean them regularly to prevent brake dust from setting into the pores of your wheel’s metal. You may also want to consider purchasing higher-end ceramic brake pads to provide less brake dust to clean. For more information on wheels and maintenance, visit the website

    By considering these four aspects when purchasing a vehicle, you will be much more prepared to the maintenance and upkeep each vehicle will require. Take time to think about purchasing your new vehicle and all the addition time and expenses that will go into taking care of your new vehicle.

    What are some things that you normally look for when purchasing a new vehicle?

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