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Health And Safety Induction Courses

    Health And Safety Induction Courses

    Any new employee in a food preparation, manufacturing or retailing business should be made aware of their responsibilities related to food safety and health and safety prior to working actively for a business.

    Health and safety training and food safety training are legal requirements for all staff whether full or part time.

    It won’t be a surprise to learn that food safety and health and safety auditors don’t issue their results with caveats like, “The score is only a 2 because there are 2 new employees who need training but before they have their health and safety training next week they are serving people and causing cross contamination. By next week this eatery should be a 3!”

    Correct is correct, untrained is potentially dangerous.

    Unless you like being sued then act purposefully and let your business and team flourish with full knowledge and capabilities. Remember that bad habits and misinformation from life and previous employers could cost you far more than course fees.

    For example:

    • Kate was told that as long as dropped food didn’t lie on the floor for 5 seconds it could be served.
    • Harry was told that he wouldn’t look “manly” without a bit of dirt under his nails. Yikes!
    • Sue and Bob frequently use their mobile phones in the food preparation area.
    • Will thinks that leaving cables from kitchen devices trailing across the floor is fine because people just have to hop over them.

    You’re their manager; you can’t let them continue working in your business premises with these misconceptions.

    What they do at home is their own business. This one is yours so don’t lose it.

    Health and safety auditors will find the issues that you ignore.

    They, with a helping hand from fate, are renowned for it so if you have well trained staff in a competently maintained environment you have nothing to fear.

    Why take unnecessary risks and pay fines and endure prosecutions when you don’t have to? You wouldn’t cross the road without checking if there was oncoming traffic so why be reckless with your livelihood?

    Health and safety training and food safety induction courses are offered by experienced professionals from reputable firms in the UK, including Food Alert in London.

    Their induction courses are designed to minimise the on site “on the job” training whilst leaving the employee in no doubt about the company ethos and communicating a positive message.

    Their content allows employees to start work efficiently and be productive as soon as they return to the workplace.

    They offer the course in a classroom delivered format at their training base and tailored slide shows can be produced for you to be able to carry out inductions on site.

    The classroom based training includes lectures, audio and visual material and practical teaching aids.

    Remember that a health and safety auditor arrives unannounced and doesn’t work on ifs, buts and maybes. What they see determines your audit result.

    Book training now and enjoy peace of mind.

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