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Cozy Apartment Showing Diverse Textures in Kiev: House S

    Cozy Apartment Showing Diverse Textures in Kiev

    Imagined by Igor Sirotov, House S shows a stylish modern interior and means a 230 sq.m. (2,475 sq.foot) apartment in Kiev, Ukraine. The work is going to be shipped to some youthful family who craves for any cozy and contemporary retreat. Despite a minimalist design approach, the area looks vivid and welcoming. This really is because of the generous variety of colors, materials and textures, without any compromises in fashion or functionality.

    The duplex apartment is focused on a full time income and dining space and additional discloses two sleeping rooms (around the second level), two armoires along with a charming fire place position for relaxation. A stylish black staircase links the 2 flooring together and it has an essential aesthetic role: those of creating bold contrasts, wherever you appear within the modern crib. A highlight wall in concrete finish accumulates towards the impressive number of textures and also to the general chromatic “symphony”. [Renderings thanks to Igor Sirotov Architect]

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