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Five Factors to Consider Before Constructing an Outdoor Swimming Pool

    Before Constructing an Outdoor Swimming Pool

    Swimming pools are a big investment and a capital intensive decision too. Their construction needs a carefully laid out plan that factors in each and every aspect of the entire project. There are a number of benefits that come with having an outdoor pool and every step necessary should be taken to ensure that you end up with a good swimming pool without having to compromise on some aspects of it. Before hiring contractors to design your pool, you need to do your homework and look at a number of factors that will determine the smooth running of the project. Below are some of the areas that you may need to closely look at so as to be able to engage the contractors effectively:

    Construction Cost

    This is the first and the most crucial factor that you need to look at in the construction of the swimming pool. Being a capital intensive project swimming pools need to be carefully designed and everything to be accounted for even before the construction begins. Pool budgets differ depending on the pool size and facilities added. You can have swimming pools constructed at different budget levels and all you have to do is to basically put everything on pen and paper look at you preferences and combine them with your financial muscle.

    You can also scout for various companies that are licensed to do pool constructions, ask for their quotes and analyze them. Remember cost alone should not be used in arriving at a decision on whether or not to construct. It should be looked at combined with other factors. Still in the cost element, ensure you ask the contractors the time it would take and the maintenance cost if any.

    Available Space

    Swimming pools need space and before their construction, this factor should be borne in mind. The area where the pool is to be constructed needs to be excavated and everything put in place. The area should also be spacious so as to accommodate the pool and the surrounding pool area. The pool size will be determined by the space available. If the space is small then the size of the pool will also be small and vice versa. The size of the pool area will also have an impact on other extra pool additions such as spas which you may need to construct alongside the pool. To help you fit the swimming pool in the area available, you may need to consult an expert who will show you the different designs that you can settle for to make the most out of the space available.


    The steepness of the area where the pool is to be constructed is very important. Generally, swimming pools should be constructed on level grounds. This means that if the ground earmarked for the construction of the pool is steep, it will have to be leveled which is an extra cost. Try as much as possible you settle for a flat area if available but is the whole area is steep then you will have to factor in the excavation and leveling cost which typically is quite an amount. You also may be required to put in some added features to prevent rainwater from finding its ways into the swimming pool. This too is an extra cost you will have to bear.

    The Level of Privacy

    Swimming pools and the activities that go on around the pool area require some level of privacy especially from passersby. There are many ways you can achieve this. One of them is through fencing of the pool area or constructing a wall around it. This will keep away peeping toms guaranteeing the pool users total privacy. Secondly you can choose a location that is not so much exposed to people. This could be the backyard or any hidden space around the compound. Apart from keeping off onlookers, fenced pools help prevent unauthorized people from accessing the pool facility.

    The Swimming Pool Location

    The location of a swimming pool matters a lot. If constructed in the backyard for instance, there could be lots of trees dropping leaves into the pool making it dirty and costly to clean. Depending on your locality, there are pool construction codes that affect the location of the pool. You need to contact the local authorities who will direct you accordingly instead of constructing pools in areas that will in the long run frustrate you due to damage or contamination of the pool.

    Let the journey towards owning a pool be smooth and well planned. The above factors will help you in the preparation and ground work.

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