5 Commonly Overlooked Energy Savings Tips for Businesses

    Overlooked Energy Savings Tips for Businesses
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    If you’re someone who runs a business, especially if it’s one that consists of an office that is filled with employees, then we’re pretty sure that you’re constantly looking for ways to save money; especially when it comes to your energy bills.

    The good news is that there are several things that you can do that are quick, easy and inexpensive. It’s simply a matter of remembering to do them each day. And if you do, you can be sure that you’ll be able to see a significant decrease in your electricity and water costs each month. Check out these commonly overlooked energy-saving tips for businesses out below:

    Stick with natural lighting. If your office space has a lot of windows, there’s certainly no reason to keep your overhead lights on all day long. You can actually get plenty of Vitamin D through the sun’s rays. So, opt for opening up your blinds (and even cracking open your windows during the warmer seasons). You’ll get plenty of natural light without having to spend a lot of extra money in energy costs in the process.

    Opt for laptops over desktops. If your office is filled with desktop computers, you might want to consider switching over to laptops instead. The reason why is that according to many energy experts, you can save as much as 50-60 percent more energy by using laptops. Plus, because they are significantly smaller than desktops, they can also save you a lot of office space too.

    Use automatic faucets. Would you like to save a couple of extra dollars on your water bill each month? If so, one way that you can easily do so is by installing some automatic faucets into your bathroom and break room. The great thing about these kinds of faucets is they are designed in such a way that they only turn on when you put your hand under them. That prevents you and your staff from inadvertently leaving a faucet dripping at the end of each work day.

    Recycle everything. If you were to read an Ambit Energy Inc Profile which addressed creative ways that businesses save energy, something that it would probably mention is how important it is to recycle; not just paper but plastics and even food. So, make sure that you have designated bins for all three things and when it comes to any leftover food, websites like will show you how to compost. It’s a great way to fertilize the lawn outside of your office space.

    Unplug items at the end of the day. Definitely one of the most overlooked ways to save energy at work is to unplug most items at the end of the day. This would include your computers, copiers, printers and anything else that does not need to be on throughout the evening hours. By making sure to unplug these kinds of electronic items, you will be sure to see a decrease in your energy costs each month. For more information on energy conservation, visit

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