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Keeping Your Garden Green… In The Sustainable Sense

    Keeping Your Garden Green… In The Sustainable Sense

    The world has embarked on a huge drive to make as many things as sustainable as science allows and there’s no doubt that construction is one of the industries that has been affected the most. If we hone in on a specific area, the garden is something which has been heavily targeted through recent years. There are now countless products out there which can drastically improve the efficiency of your garden – both from an energy and water saving perspective.

    We’re now going to take a look at a handful of products that fall into this category and should therefore cut your utility bills – and maybe even make your garden come to life at the same time.

    The Rainwater Harvesting Pump

    This is probably one of the easiest ways to slash the bills, if you happen to be on a water meter. If not, it will still help the environment substantially and if your area is unlucky enough to be under a hosepipe ban, it might be one of the only methods you can apply.

    Even though the UK is regarded as one of the rainiest in Europe, this summer has emphasised the fact that it does go long periods without rain. This is the exact time where all of that greenery in your yard can turn brown, and this is where the rainwater harvesting system comes into play. By simply having a water butt hidden away in your garden, you can collect rain ready for those dry patches. If you can then find suppliers of pumps within in the UK who can provide you with a water butt pump, you can use this collected water for simple garden maintenance via a hosepipe.

    Considering the fact that you will probably be watering at least every other day during the dry spells, you might be surprised at the amount you can save.

    Solar Lights

    If we edge away from maintenance and look at garden related products from an aesthetics point of view, solar lights have become very popular over recent times and for very good reason. Most gardens are plunged into darkness by 4.30pm on a winter evening, as a lot of homeowners simply couldn’t be bothered to hook up lighting systems to their mains electricity. As you have probably gathered, this is not required with solar lights and by simply placing them in your garden, they will be activated as long as they have stored enough energy from the sun.

    Solar Water Feature Pumps

    On as similar note, we’ll now move onto solar water feature pumps. Again, a lot of homeowners decided against water features due to the hassle of installing them. Admittedly, a solar water pump is by no means going to be an easy device to combine with your water feature, but with no mains electricity to deal with a lot of homeowners are able to carry the installation themselves without the standard risks that electrical devices bring. Again, it’s not going to shave anything off your electrics bill (unless you already have a water feature), but it can add a bit of brilliance to your garden without making a difference to your outgoings.

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